Secret Santa Gift Exchange

The 2017 Secret Santa Sign Ups start Monday November 6th

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Secret Santa brings Imgurians together by pairing willing members of the Imgur community together with others to exchange gifts. In doing so, we all help bring a little joy to one another for the holiday season.
By the end of November, you will receive an email containing the name and contact information of your match. This is the person that you will send a gift to. A different person is assigned to send a gift to you, and they will be sent your name and contact information.
You can contact your match through email or Imgur messaging if you’d like to chat or get to know what kind of gifts they’d like. Please note that the person who you are sending a gift to is not the person who sends a gift to you, and they may or may not choose to reach out to you.
There is no set amount required. Many Imgurians choose to home make gifts, while other choose to go all out. It’s not the size of the gifts that matter, but the thought put behind them that makes Secret Santa awesome.
The Secret Santa exchanges are run by MartynMage, a loyal Imgurian who loves our community, with help from Imgur staff and volunteers. He has hosted Secret Santa annually since 2014.
This really sucks, but it’s possible. We hope that everyone who enters is serious about exchanging gifts, but we cannot guarantee that you will receive one. If you don’t receive a gift, contact MartynMage. We’ll try to get you in the backup gifters program. Please remember that giving a gift can be just as fun as getting one!
It’s good form to fill out your Imgur bio to help a person get to know you, or send some ideas along with your sign up form. Check your match’s bio for the same info, or feel free to message them for more info if you’re stumped.
When your match is sent to you you'll be given a deadline to ship by, ideally your gift should arrive before Christmas, it is then up to the user you gifted whether they wait until Christmas Day to open it.
Next step is to confirm you’ve sent a gift. This helps us keep track of what’s going on. Then sit back and wait for a gift to you to show up. Great job adding some cheer to an Imgurian’s holiday!
Life happens, and we get it. If you need to back out and you know prior to matches going out, please contact MartynMage on Imgur and he can remove your entry. That said, once matches go out your match is depending on you and it’s too late to drop out. Don’t ruin Christmas!
If you entered the domestic exchange, and shipped to the same country you're in the deadline to receive is Dec 31st. If you entered the international exchange, the deadline to receieve a gift is Jan 14th.
If you still have not gotten a gift after the deadline to receive has passed, please email MartynMage at to let him know so he can blacklist the user that was assigned to gift you.
Once the deadline to receive gifts has passed, if you have not gotten a gift please email Martynmage at with the subject line "No Gift" and include your username. In order to qualify for a backup gifter you must email within 7 days of the gift deadline passing, for example: domestic Secret Santa entrants must email on or before Jan 6th.
Please contact MartynMage on Imgur or directly via email at

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